The Planning Council needs a membership committee and a clear and open nominations process to choose new Planning Council members and to replace members when a member’s term ends or the person resigns. This includes making sure that the Planning Council membership overall and the consumer membership meet the requirements of reflectiveness—having characteristics that reflect the local epidemic in such areas as race, ethnicity, gender, and age, and representation—filling the required membership categories as stated in the legislation.

Reflectiveness refers to a Planning Council’s membership consisting of at least 33 percent HIV+, non-conflicted individuals who receive Part A funded services. (A non-conflicted individual is someone who is not an officer, employee, or consultant to any provider that receives Part A funds)

*Please note that council membership is limited to two representatives from any organization.

Your time on the Council

  • Planning Council meetings will be held ten times per year with strict adherence to its planning cycle.
  • The length of meetings vary anywhere from one hour to the entire day .
  • Members who miss three Planning Council or committee meetings during any calendar year will be removed from the council.
  • Membership shall be for two years and shall commence upon the date of  approval. Members may serve consecutive terms if they meet all membership requirements, successfully complete the application and nomination process, and are reappointed.
  • No member may hold a voting seat for more than four consecutive years in any six year period, and may not hold a voting seat for more than eight years total.

New Member Application Process


Join the planning council. Applications available HERE!



Please complete the application, and sign the Statement of Member Commitment. Return the completed form to:


Ryan White Office

54 Meadow Street, 9th Floor

New Haven, CT 06519

ph: 877-336-5503




  • All information in this application is confidential. Terms for Planning Council members are for two years, with a maximum of three term limit.
  • Once received, your application will be reviewed to ensure it is complete. We will contact you to confirm we have received it.
  • Your application will then be added to the pool of applications for the Membership and Nominations Committee to review.
  • At each monthly Membership and Nominations Committee meeting, the membership profile of the Planning Council is reviewed. If new members are needed, the committee will review all of the current applications.
  • If your application is chosen, you will be contacted to confirm that you wish to participate. If you agree, you will be recommended for interview with the Membership and Nominations Committee, and if approved, will be forwarded to the Mayor of the City of New Haven for appointment. Generally, it will take about a month for the Mayor’s Office to consider your appointment. You will also be encouraged to begin taking part in Planning Council activities.
  • If we do not choose your application right away, don’t worry! New members are appointed as people leave the Council, so sometimes it can take a while. We will keep your application active for future membership reviews, and we will keep you informed of the status of your application. In the meantime, you are welcome to join a committee, and take part in any of our meetings as a member of the public.


If you have any questions or need more information please contact Sara Seaburg



The New Haven/Fairfield Counties Ryan White Part A Planning Council is a federally mandated community group appointed by the Mayor of the City of New Haven.



New Haven/Fairfield Counties

Ryan White HIV Planning Council

54 Meadow Street, 9th Floor

New Haven, CT 06519


Join the planning council. Applications available


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