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The Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA) funds the NHFF EMA Ryan White Part A Program through the Division of Service Systems (DSS). HRSA and DSS have requirements for annual reporting for all providers who receive funds from the Ryan White Program.

The NHFF EMA utilizes CAREWare, a free software package made available by HRSA, to track client level data and submit required reports to the Grantee’s Office and to HRSA. All NHFF EMA Providers are required to use CAREWare.

The CAREWare system allows Providers to enter pertinent information about each client, including demographics, housing and poverty information, clinical information such as viral loads and CD4 counts and core and support services provided. Providers can use CAREWare to track services for each client and for Quality Management purposes.

The Ryan White Services Report (RSR) is an annual client level data report required for all Part A  Programs. This report allows HRSA to see what services are provided to our clients on an individual level. This report is generated using CAREWare in the NHFF EMA. This report is due in February of each year.

All of the HRSA required reports are submitted using the Electronic Handbooks (EHB).  The report submission website is:

The Recipient's Office will assist new providers in getting a provider code and access to the EHB site. Contact the Recipients Office for assistance.

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